St. Paul’s Church Melaka

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The St. Paul's Church is situated on the summit of the famous St. Paul's hill in Melaka, where visitors are able to sight one of the oldest churches in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The St. Paul's Church was originally built in 1521 by a Portuguese nobleman, Duarte Coelho.

The St. Paul’s Church was built by Duarte Coelho as an act of gratefulness towards Virgin Mary for helping him escape a storm in the South China Sea during his voyage from Portugal to South East Asia. In 1592, St Paul’s Church was then converted into a burial ground for many people of distinction, of which include Pedro Martins, the second bishop of Funay, Japan, where their inscriptions line up the interior wall of St. Paul’s church. Interestingly, the big stone slabs inside the St. Paul’s Church explain the history and culture of the people during the colonial times.

When the Dutch invaded Melaka in 1641, St. Paul’s Church was being used as a Protestant church for 112 years until the Christ Church of Melaka was completed in 1753 in commemoration of the centennial of Dutch occupation in Malacca. Under the British occupation in Malacca thereafter, St. Paul’s Church was eventually being a makeshift storehouse for gunpowder.

St. Francis Xavier, South East Asia’s best known missionary, frequented the St. Paul’s church during his many visits to Malacca. Thus, a marble statue of St. Francis Xavier was erected in 1953, in honour of his 400th anniversary of sojourn in Melaka. It is noteworthy that St. Francis Xavier’s body was temporarily buried in St. Paul’s Church for nine month in 1553, before being transferred to Goa, India. The statue, till this day, is instated in front of St. Paul’s Church.

The St. Paul’s church overlooks the breath-taking view of Melaka city and its coastline which offers a picturesque scene for visitors to enjoy.

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