Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

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In the early of 2013, Hard Rock Cafe celebrates it’s third branch opening in Malaysia after the first and second successful openings in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Hard Rock Cafe Melaka is located at a convenient location within the UNESCO World Heritage site which sits at the entrance of Jonker Walk.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka has a similar layout design to the rest of the outlets across the globe. The expansive bar-cafe includes a 200 capacity within an upscale vibrant bar and spacious outdoor dining area. Enjoy live entertainment featuring Melaka’s unique local music scene and you can splurge in the famous ‘Rock Shop’, where they purvey the iconic Hard Rock merchandises.

Of memorable collections from the legendary and contemporary musicians and artists around the world such as guitar used by Fender Telecaster and signed by legendary Bruce Springsteen in the 90s; a Ludwig snare drum used onstage by Alex Van Halen during his world tour back in 2004; a stylist white jacket worn by multi-talented pop/funk/rock performer Prince, costume worn onstage by Sir Elton John in the 90s – visitors are promised a sentimental time in Hard Rock Cafe Melaka.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka offers fresh and high quality food from its scratch-based menu. The single-not-to-be-missed is their Legendary 10-ounce Burger,  irresistible in taste and astonishingly Instagrammable. Award winning drinks menu include Hurricanes, Margaritas, signature favorites and alcohol free beverages; all available in their collectible glassware.

For the American rock and roll experience, Hard Rock Cafe by the Melaka River is one not to be missed.

Monday Kitchen closed at 11:00 pm
Tuesday Kitchen closed at 11:00 pm
Wednesday Kitchen closed at 11:00 pm
Thursday Kitchen closed at 11:00 pm
Friday Kitchen closed at 12:00 pm
Saturday Kitchen closed at 12:00 pm
Sunday Kitchen closed at 11:00 pm

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