Governor’s Museum Melaka

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The Governor's Museum Melaka was once the official residence of governors during the Dutch colonial times in the 17th century to post-colonial era. The building was formerly named as Seri Melaka. The building was the official residence of Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Malacca up to 1996. Governor's Museum Melaka was officially open to public in 2002 under arms of Museum Corporation (PERZIM).

After the independence of the Federation of Malaya, the Governor’s Mansion or Seri Melaka accommodated several governors of Melaka, this includes the first Governor of Melaka, Tun Leong Yew Koh. In order to commemorate the important roles of the office of governor plays in the political, economic, social and administration in Malacca, Seri Melaka was gazetted by the Melaka State Government as the Governor’s Museum to be preserved for the appreciation of public.

Today, the Governor’s Museum is fundamentally converted from the Governor’s mansion which showcases personal belongings of several past and present governors that lived here along with portraits, costumes and other ceremonial objects of the Governor Office in Melaka. The Governor’s Museum displays an actual living room with sofas where past governors lived. The Governor’s Museum has also preserved an inspiration room where past governors would engage in hobbies and recreational activities in.

The Governor’s Museum has many interesting exhibits, which include a Daimler car. This Daimler car was bought in by the Malacca State Government in 1974 for the 3rd governor of Malacca, His Excellency TunHj. Abdul Aziz Bin Hj. Abdul Majid and was continuing its usage until the 5th governor of Melaka. The Daimler car was then decommissioned in 1986 and is now on display at the front area of the Governor’s Museum.

The Governor Museum is a luxurious pearl white mansion located on the top of St Paul’s Hill neighbouring to the famous A’Famosa of Malacca. The new official residence and office for the governors of Melaka is situated at Ayer Keroh.





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  • Phone +606-2841934
  • Address Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

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