Queen Victoria Melaka

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The Queen Victoria Fountain was constructed in 1901 by the British and is located within the complex of the well-known Dutch Square in the historical city of Malacca.

The Queen Victoria Fountain is more than a century old but is still functioning and is probably the only functioning colonial water fountain in Malaysia. The Queen Victoria Fountain was erected as a commemoration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee – 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s access to the throne of the British empire. In 22 June 1897, colonial British empire along with its colonisations across the globe celebrated the Queen’s monarchy – municipal clock towers were erected in various cities of the colonised country including Penang in Malaysia and Christchurch in New Zealand. It wasn’t until 1901, which is 4 years after the diamond jubilee, that the Queen Victoria Fountain was erected in Malacca.

The Queen Victoria Fountain is a commemorative tribute to Britain’s longest reigning monarchy, thus, the historical and sentimental values of such a historical artefact is a sight in Malacca not to be missed. On the fountain itself, there is an inscription that reads “Victoria Regina 1837-1901. Put up by the people of Malacca in memory of a great Queen”. When the night falls, the Dutch Square will light up and it will be a picturesque scene for visitors to take decent photographs.

The Queen Victoria Fountain is located nearby to two churches worth visiting, namely the Francis Xavier Church and the Christ Church. The Francis Xavier Church was built by a French priest Father P. Fabre in 1849 who dedicated the church to St. Francis Xavier – a prominent 16th century missionary who was active in Southeast Asia. The Christ Church, on the other hand, is a notable terracotta red church which was built in 1753 to celebrate the centennial of Dutch occupation in Melaka.

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  • Address Jalan Gereja, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

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