Kampung Morten Melaka

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Kampung Morten is a traditional Malay village positioned in the bustling modern city of Melaka where its residents still follow the rural way of “kampung life” despite its modern neighbouring and development.

Kampung Morten was named after the British Land Commissioner F.J. Morten. Kampung Morten is now a tranquil village separated from the bustle of Melaka by the Melaka River. Retaining its traditional architecture, the village houses more than 90 traditional Malay residences which forms cluster of wooden houses. Throughout the years, it is the only Malay village in Malacca maintaining its original customs and traditions. All houses was built according to the traditional Malay design – long roofs, stairs made out of stones and verandas with intricate wood carvings are common amongst these houses. A distinctive comparison of the Malaccan Malay house with other states includes the tiled front stairway, A shaped roofs and a connecting courtyard between the main house and kitchen area.

Visitors can experience the mixture of old and new here in this picturesque heritage site under the state’s preservation and conservation enactment in 1989. Kampung Morten comes to life at night when it’s lighted up and visitors can opt to take a leisure ride on the river cruise to explore this charming Malay village.

A full “kampung lifestyle” experience are made available for visitors as visitors can opt to stay in a traditional Malay homestay house in Kampung Morten. Do note that October, November and December are peak season where the occupancy rates are the highest. Villa Sentosa Kampung Morten (The Living Museum) is also situated here. The museum was built in 1920 by Othman, the original owner of the landmark.

Kampung Morten is a truly unique destination in Melaka and a walk in the village could bring any Malaysians down the memory lane.

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  • Address Jalan Kampung Morten, Melaka 75300, Malaysia.

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