Dutch Square Melaka

Walking along the picturesque river of Melaka, you will notice the Dutch Square along Jalan Kota, which is surrounded by buildings painted in red – one of most scenic and photographed spot for tourists and visitors alike. The Dutch Square is distinguished by its bright terracotta red architectural building from the colonial Dutch period, which was built in the 17th Century.

The Dutch Square has a unique atmosphere which feels like a carnival with the out pour of tourists and visitors from local Malaysia or overseas. The Dutch Square is filled with colourful trishaws on blaringly loud music, it almost feels like a peacock parade of trishaws to win one another with the extravagant decorations. The trishaw tour takes around 30 minutes for two visitors for an average price of RM30. The trishaw tour will go around some historical part of Malacca and visitors can enjoy an unhurried excursion of this UNESCO heritage city.

Visitors wandering the Dutch Square in Malacca will also come across the Stadthuys, an administrative building which was built by the Dutch in 1650 as the office of the governors of the colonial Dutch. Visitors would not want to not miss the Queen Victoria fountain, which was erected in 1904 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee; Britain’s longest reigning monarch’s commemorative tribute is a valuable sight to behold for visitors of all nationalities.

Christ Church, the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia is located within the vicinity of the Dutch Square. The Christ Church was built to commemorate a century of Dutch colonial occupation in Malacca in 1753. Tan Beng Swee clock tower, erected just right outside of the Stadthuys, was named after a third generation Chinese philanthropic millionaire. The initial clock on the Tan Beng Swee clock tower was imported from England and was changed to Seiko in 1982.

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