Chetti Village Melaka

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The Chetti Village Melaka along Jalan Gajah Berang is home to the community of Hindu Peranakans, the descendants of traders from southern India who traded popular Indian merchandises such as spices, rugs, silks, etc.

The Hindu Peranakans living in the Chetti Village Melaka belongs to a unique community whereby a fusion of Malay and Hindu cultures and customs are tied as the Indian traders settled down in Melaka and were married to the locals, which include Malay, Chinese, Javanese and Batak, in the 15th century. The Hindu Peranakans in Malacca clung to their Hindu religion but adapted to the way of life of the locals. Most of the Chetti people accustomed the Malay language as their everyday language and their traditional dishes also has influences from the Malay cuisine, where Malay spices, ingredients and way of cooking have replaced the Indian style.In terms of ancestral worshiping, the Chinese culture’s influence is also evident.

Today, the Chetti Village Melaka is home to a small community of 20-30 Hindu Peranakan families. Privileged to the Chetti Village Melaka, there are also three Hindu temples which are situated within its vicinity, including the 190 years old Sri Maha Mariamman Temple where the Hindu Peranakans celebrate religious ceremonies such as the Datuk Cacar, Deepavali and Bhogi. Since 2000, the Chetti Village Melaka has been awarded as a heritage area, similar to the likes of Kampung Morten and Portuguese Settlement.

The Chetti Museum is also situated within the Chetti Village Melaka, where it displays costumes, artefacts and photographs of the heritage is a great exploratory spot for visitors to understand the unique culture of the Chetti people.

The Chetti culture is a truly unique culture one can find in Malaysia, however, it’s on the brink of extinction as many Chetti are culturally integrating to the mainstream Indian, Chinese and Malay ethnic communities.

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  • Address Jalan Gajah Berang, Kampung Chetti, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

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