Porte de Santiago (A’Famosa Fortress )

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A'Famosa Fortress in Malacca is among the oldest surviving European architectural that remains in South East Asia. The Portuguese fortress is located in the state of Melaka, Malaysia which was built in the 16th Century by the Duke of Goa – Afonso de Albuquerque, who led the Portuguese invasion to Melaka during that period.

A’Famosa Fortress in Melaka is the best known sightseeing spot in Melaka which only a lone gate (Porta de Santiago) remains from the entire hilltop fortress. The A’Famosa Fortress was once a long stretch of barricade and constructed with four major towers – each with their own distinguished function, being, a keep, captain residence, officer’s quarters and an ammunition storage tower.

History of A’Famosa Fortress in Malacca traces back to 1511 whereby Albuquerque built the fortress to defend against outside threats as Melaka was becoming an important link from Ming China to Portugal along the Spice Route.

When the Dutch ended the reign of the Portuguese in 1641, the fort was seized by the Dutch and later renovated in 1670 – tourist can find a small inscription ANNO 1670 on the gate’s arch and the coat of arms of the Dutch East India Company.

The fort later changed hands to the British to prevent falling into the hands of the French’s Napoleon’s expansionist. The English ordered the destruction of the fortress in 1806 but was intervened by Sir Stamford Raffles , the founder of modern Singapore, in the nick of time – only A’Famosa Fortress (Porta de Santiago) was spared from the total demolition.

At present, A’Famosa Fortress is one of the must-visits and not to be miss in Melaka for tourists abroad and at home. The A’Famosa Fortress is situated next to the Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum, which is an actual replica of the 15th century Sultan Mansur Shah’s palace.

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